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We help you cultivate and leverage your online reputation with better review management.

Automate, Manage, and Maximize Your Online Reviews There are few things in the internet marketing world that match the significance of online reviews. In fact, studies show that people trust them almost as much as a recommendation from a friend.  Because of how heavily that can impact the online buying process, you’ve got to take your reviews seriously. That means consistently generating positive reviews, responding quickly to negative reviews, and doing your best to control what reviews users see. But, as you probably know, that can be a lot of work. Fortunately now with MarketingEngine360’s review management system, we’ve provided a system that automatically posts the good reviews to your website and filters out the bad ones from all over the internet!

Display Positive Reviews in One Place

Part of our review management system involves adding a review (or testimonials) page to your website that will display all of the positive things your clients have had to say about you.

It’s a great way to encourage clients to trust you and go ahead and get in touch. All the better, our system will filter out negative reviews allowing you to have control over what people see about you.

Automated Review Generation

One of the hardest parts of the review process seems like it should be the simplest: asking… Asking can be difficult, and you’re not always sure if you’re asking the right people or doing it in the right way.

With our review management system, you won’t need to fret over the review ask process and you can have confidence that you’re doing it correctly.  Our system will provide you with prewritten email content that you can easily customize to your business and send off in a matter of seconds. It’s that simple.

Don’t Be Surprised

One of the first thoughts that usually comes to mind when you find a negative review online is “How long has that been there??” Now, you no longer have to be surprised.

Our platform keeps track of your web presence and we’ll alert you when someone leaves a review online, whether negative or positive from the most popular review sites online. That gives you the greatest opportunity to respond to negative reviews quickly, if they happen, and understanding what’s happening with your online reputation at all times.

As an additional benefit, you can even see what’s going on with your competitors’ online reputations, which will give you the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and adjust your messaging accordingly.

Let Us Show You how easy managing reviews can be!

MarketingEngine360 provides you an easy way to ask for and manage reviews from your clients.  Send us an email below to see a demo of our platform…

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